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The Speak With Love Naked Challenge Program Is Not Intended To
Diagnose, Treat, Prevent Or Cure Any Disease Or Condition.

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Custom designed specifically for you, to help you finally discover your authentic self by peeling away all the layers that you've used overtime to cover and mask your hurt, guilt and or shame.  We will hand you the tools you need to start making long lasting positive changes in your life and teach you how to use your fear as fuel to create a better future.

Let’s Get Naked!

Someone once said "It takes courage to examine your life and accept that there are things you need to change.” We believe it takes even more courage to take the first step towards making those changes. Truth is, it's very hard but, it's worth it

You can do it, we can help. Let's get Naked!


The Naked Challenge aims to create a safe and supportive environment that inspires individuals to search within and discover, accept and love their true self.


Our intention

  • To awaken you to your inner power and teach you how to master the beauty and strength of your inner self to create a life of pure freedom.

  • To help you identify and acknowledge the past or present traumas in your life. Then teach you how to break free from anything that is bounding you to a mediocre life and break through any anything that is hindering you from your personal healing and recovery.

Your optimum health is our goal. We provide tools that will help you to consistently nourish your mind, body, soul and spirit.


Here at Speak With Love, we understand that healing, recovery and personal growth is an intimate event and very unique for each individual. It’s most definitely not an overnight thing, there are no ‘quick fixes’ and it is most certainly not attained by using a 'one size fits all' checklist. 

The Naked Challenge has been tested by various individuals who struggled with a variety of issues, faced various roadblocks and had multiple limitations. 


 They found success with our challenge because it is customized to each individual and meets them exactly where they are. We understand that each person is unique and therefore has different needs.

We also understand that our program is a great way, but it is not the only way. So, our members benefit from our library of various resources, access to a plethora of information and teachings on multiple methods of healing. All this and more in one safe place.


So, if you're struggling in anyway due to the effects of past or present trauma, then getting 'Naked' with us is the next best thing to do. 







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