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Nicolene Bernard

Healing Facilitator | Author | Inspirational Speaker | Talk Show Producer | Host

I remember so clearly, at one point in my life when I thought I had hit rock bottom.  A dear friend reached out to me and shared his story of similar trauma.  That day, I experienced the great power and value of a testimony. 

I listened to his story and marveled at his current appearance of peace and joy even after having faced such adversities and trauma. I was inspired.  I knew then that if I was going to heal and recover, I would need more of that type of inspiration.


So, I started a talk show and began interviewing people who had inspirational stories to tell. People who survived various traumas against all odds. I must admit that I started the program for selfish reasons but then realized the blessing it was to others who watched and commented on how it affected and helped them. It brought me so much joy to be providing inspiration and hope to others and to be a part of their healing journey.


I truly believe that all my tests were just content for my current testimony and that I had not gone through the things I did for nothing. My tests are now my testimony.  


In my book titled 'A Long Walk-Journey to Self," on this website, on all my social media platforms (YouTube,IG & Facebook- @speakwithlovealways) and at every event I speak, I consistently share my stories and all the lessons I learned, all the resolutions and resources I found and I give you my word that if you allow me to be a part of your healing journey, I will do my best work always to help you find your way to your self so you can start living a life of authenticity as you continue to improve your Mental wealth and heal.  


And with that I welcome you once again and encourage you to carry on and always remember that:

One or even multiple bad chapters doesn't mean the story is over. Do not let your struggles become your identity. Instead, be known for the determination, courage, and strength you use to overcome them. 

Speak With Love was created to help bring awareness to the state of your Emotional Health and the value of your Mental Wealth.  Our goal is to help you identify and remove all the things that are impeding you from truly living your best life.  To begin, we MUST ALL get NAKED and take this Journey to Self.  


It's a very long walk, this journey to self but, here at Speak With Love, we have a team of very experienced, passionate and result driven members who are all very well equipped and ready to help you get there.  


Today, I use the stories of my traumatic experiences and the adversities that I faced to teach and inspire others who are currently struggling, either with the same issues or with any type of life trauma. I share so that my story can serve as a beacon of hope for those who need it the most. For many, many years, I experienced the horrors of being in a physically, verbally, emotionally, and spiritually abusive relationship. I survived the attempt of what I imagine would have been a brutal rape, grieved the death of my twin sons and later the sudden death of my husband.


But for the help of God and a few good friends, these experiences would have surely chewed me up and swallowed me whole.




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